Tuesday, June 11, 2019

These Are The Good Old Days!

We went for a vacation to Doc Holiday cottage recently with some of our family members. Before everyone arrived I walked through to take some updated pictures since I recently fluffed the cottage with new pillows, etc. My eye landed on this window art by the late Leonard Miller that designer Jane Coslick commissioned as a gift to us when we completed work on our first Tybee cottage, Coral Cottage.

The sentiment on the window speaks of special places. Special moments in time. As I studied it I realized that our family was getting ready to create some special moments together and now, weeks later, they are cherished memories. 

Our family has been going to Tybee Island (Savannah, Georgia's beach) for four generations! We have a rogue's gallery of pictures at Doc Holiday cottage. There are photos of our grandparents...

Husband's grandparents on top right and my grandmother on bottom right with me and my sisters.

Photos of my husband and I as children with our parents...

Top row: My parents, me and my mom, me with my two sisters

Bottom picture: My husband, about 1 year old, with his parents by the pier

Then there are wonderful pictures of our family--our four kids and their beautiful families.

There's even a picture of our very first stay at Doc Holiday in which some of the grandchildren were packed up and excited for a day on the beach! We stopped for a quick photo to commemorate the occasion...

There are more grandchildren now--even one more to come in September. The oldest boy in the photo above just got his driver's license! Time certainly doesn't stand still! Those were the good old days--but these are the good old days too.

Tybee vacation 2019

Our family takes sandcastle building very seriously.

This is a reminder to all of us--especially to me.... Make great memories with your loved ones! Make them as often as possible. Plan for them in the future. One day they will be treasures that we can enjoy whenever we want just by remembering.

This photo of us with Jordan, Sarah, and grand puppy, Rafael  was taken at The Sassy Seagull, our other cottage that is just down the street from Doc Holiday.

Ready to make your own magical "good old days"? Need a place to make them happen? There are still a few summer weeks left for rentals at our cottages, Doc Holiday and Sassy Seagull. You can find available weeks here:

Sassy Seagull cottage information available at

Monday, October 8, 2018

Doc Holiday Is Stylin' In Cottage Style Magazine!

Today I got an exciting text message from Jane Coslick, a designer and historical preservationist who collaborated with me to restore Doc Holiday, our family's cottage at Tybee Island....

The exciting news was that Doc Holiday is one of the cottages featured in Cottage Style magazine's Fall/Winter 2018 issue! 

This is the cover of the magazine (not our cottage)

The photoshoot took place over three years ago and I had begun to wonder if the pictures would ever make it to publication. And finally they did!

When I heard the news I asked my husband to stop at Publix on his way home and pick up a copy for me. I hardly dared believe it was true until I saw for myself...

And then there it was...

There are several other pages in the feature that I'm not showing but I couldn't be happier with the beautiful layout and the wonderful article that accompanied it!  Lots of talented people were involved to make it all happen.

I know I come across as kinda starry-eyed and not exactly chill. But y'all. I can't help myself. I'm excited! We had the A Team working on this project and I love it when a plan comes together!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kid Stuff at Sassy Seagull!

 There is something magical about being a kid at the beach. Times of hanging out with cousins or friends having fun. Sleepovers.  Resting by playing board games or reading a good book after a long day of riding the waves and building sand castles. Ice cream outings in the evenings after supper. Simple pleasures.

I wanted to design a room at the Sassy Seagull cottage just for kids. There was one tiny bedroom in the cottage that seemed like just the spot. Here are the "before" photos...

There was a closet in the wall that adjoins the front master bathroom. I decided to steal it for the master bedroom/bathroom side and close up the wall on the bunk room side. There will be hooks and drawers for storage in the bunk room instead.

Part of the floor had to be pulled up because there was some rotting and there were also some foundation issues under the house needing repair.

And then we had to steal a few inches in order to widen the next door bathroom to fit all the fixtures back in. Those few inches made a tiny room even tinier and I had to rework the arrangement of the bunks. But it will be functional and cozy.

Once the wall was framed out and the plumbing and electrical were completed the walls were clad in paneling to match the rest of the room.

Then the floors were sanded and stained and the room was painted.

Finally the the light fixtures were installed. I love to give each bunkmate his or her own reading light with their own on/off switch. It gives them a measure of control over their personal space and kids seem to love it! I found a fixture at Lowes that has a grille over the cover that helps give it a nautical look.

I loved this starfish flushmount light at Shades of Light and thought it would be perfect for the ceiling!

Now all we need for this bunk room is bunk beds! I'll save that for my next post! Thanks for stopping by! See you soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Sassy Seagull on The Tybee Tour of Homes!

Wow! It's been a long while since I've posted. Now that spring is here I am thrilled to think about tuning up our Tybee cottages for beach season!  I'm also super-excited to announce that our cottage, The Sassy Seagull is going to be on the 
Tybee Tour of Homes on May 5, 2018! 

We've been working hard to make it a fun time filled with lots of inspiration and great ideas for all of the tour patrons. We hope that you will come for a great day of touring and having lunch at Tybee! Click here for details about the tour, tickets and such...

My last post was a wrap up with pretty pictures of the vintage clawfoot tub bathroom reno at Sassy Seagull cottage. If you missed it and want to catch up, there is a link below plus a few "blast from the past" posts at The Sassy Seagull...

I'll be back soon with some all new pictures and posts!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Where's My Rubber Ducky?

This is the story of how we got here...

...when we started out here...

You can see more "before" pictures and read about my plan for this room in my last post.
Aaaaand...here's what happened. 

We stole the closet space from the bedroom next door that was jutting into the bathroom.

Once the linoleum flooring was removed we discovered some rotting and decided to go with tile instead of refinishing the floor. Floor and Decor had some great choices of floor tile with a classic vintage vibe. This basketweave one for $2.99 per square foot...

This hexagonal tile for $2.57...

And last but not least, this selection for $2.39. I liked all three choices so I went with the least expensive one. No need to spend unnecessarily. Here is the winner...

And I went with a gray grout color to accentuate the design.

The plumbing needed to be reworked so we took a few inches from the next door bedroom to make a bit more space for the tub and to allow paneling to be installed to match the rest of the room.

When we rebuilt the closet for the master bathroom to use we made it a little less deep and a little less wide to allow more room for a larger vanity.

I found some goodies at Home Depot. This vanity was a bargain considering it came with a cultured marble top and sink.

And when I saw this brushed nickel beauty I knew I had found my vanity light...

The faucet and drain on the old tub had seen better days.

Sandpiper Supply, a plumbing supply store in Savannah, was where I found this Moen line of fixtures. The style, Brantford, was high quality but at one of their lower price points. I thought it had a lot of bang for the buck!

And the star of the show, the clawfoot tub was spruced up so it could show off. The outside was sanded, smoothed out with some Bondo, and then painted with Benjamin Moore's 2044-60 "Crystal Clear". Then I found Mike's Bathtub and Tile Refinishing on Angie's List and had Mike resurface the inside surface of the tub.

And y'all. Just look at this...

Yeh. I love the way it turned out! The shower curtain came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I found an oyster shell mirror on eBay. And we even had room to squeeze in little built-in shelves to hold towels in between the vanity and the closet.

And one other thing...Check out the towel hooks. This was made out of repurposed wood. I found it at a flea market in Nashville.

So happy with this bathroom! 

Now where did I put my rubber ducky? I need a good soak...

Monday, October 2, 2017

Making A Plan!

In my last post I showed you the first of two master bedrooms at The Sassy Seagull. In this post you'll get to see the adjoining bathroom. Before.

This is what we saw when we set eyes on the room...

The room was on the small side and very dated but it had one feature that we were excited about! How about that old clawfoot bathtub!?!  Yay! Here it is once the occupant's possessions were gone...

So here was the plan I came up with for this room: 

1. Remove the old linoleum flooring. If there is a wood floor in good condition underneath, sand and refinish it. If not, tile the floor with something appropriate to the age of the house that has timeless appeal.

2. Get new fixtures for the tub since the ones on there currently are kinda grungy. 
See what I mean?

3. Remove the sink and vanity as well as the wall cabinet above the toilet. Replace with a larger new vanity and new sink. Put some paneling on that wall that matches the other walls.

4. Take the closet space from the kid's bunk room next door and use it instead for the master bathroom/bedroom. It bumps into the room already (see where the wall hooks are) 
 but it doesn't need to be quite so deep or wide--allowing more room for a larger vanity. 

5. Get new vanity lights, an overhead vent/light, and find a gorgeous beach-y mirror and a cool towel bar or towel hooks.

Sooo...that's the plan. I'll show you how it went down in my next post! Thanks for 
stopping by!