Thursday, June 26, 2014

Check Out Coral Cottage In HGTV Magazine!

I'm back....two months ago my trusty, crusty old computer refused to connect to the internet and after mourning and giving it a proper memorial I decided to switch over to a Mac Book Pro.  Easier said than done.  I still don't know what in the world I am doing--it's quite different than my beloved PC but my tech-y son and son-in-law have convinced me that once I learn the ropes I will love it.  It's not love yet, but I am learning.

So after a two month break from this blog.....hi there once again!  I have some exciting news to share.....Last August in this post I shared about the excitement our family had being a part of a photoshoot for HGTV magazine at our Tybee beach cottage, 
the Coral Cottage.  Quite a thrill!

We were told our feature would be on news stands in June 2014.  It was not in the June issue but in mid-June Henry and I were in the check-out line at Wal-Mart and we spied a new issue of HGTV magazine.  The July-August issue had been released.  We wondered if this could be the issue we had waited so long to see?!?  Trying to be cool, I casually reached over to flip through a copy.

All photos from HGTV
It was!!!  I was so took every bit of self-control I could muster not to show it to all of the other people standing around me in the check-out line.

There was a photo of our granddaughter Ella in the Table of Contents...

A photo of yours truly on the editor's page.....

And there was our little cottage...

(For the record I never thought of my little house as "gross"--just tired and needing an update.)
 My handsome hubby smiling with me at the front door...

 The house tour features ten pages of before and after photos with lots of information about paint colors, design tips, etc.  And there are some great articles about other homes.  Even if you've read all about Coral Cottage as I've been blogging, you should pick up a copy because Elizabeth Beeler did a wonderful job of styling everything!  A million thanks to designer Jane Coslick as well for all she did--too much to list.

I can't resist showing one more picture of our family--gotta get my other little Savannah granddaughter Charlotte into the act.  My daughter Kristen and her husband James were so kind to arrange their family schedule for these pictures.

  My sister Crystal, son Jordan and his wife Sarah stayed at Coral Cottage recently during our family reunion.  We had such a great time--I'll have to share some of the pictures!

If you need a little Tybee Time to kick back and relax, Coral Cottage is available for vacation rentals!  We have a fabulous, customer service-oriented property manager in Jim Heflin at Tybee Cottages.  Ready when you are--come on down!