Thursday, April 13, 2017

Bright Ideas!

The electricians from Russell Electric have finished their rough-in at the Sassy Seagull! They left a little tongue-in-cheek note on the panel box for the inspector...

And sure enough--as expected, we passed the inspection!

In a few weeks they will come back to put up the light fixtures....sooo I need to get busy and choose light fixtures so they will be here when we're ready to go.

The biggie is the dining room chandelier... It will be prominent and it needs to be something special. I'm willing to spend a bit more for it (if necessary) and cut somewhere else. Here are a few of the candidates...

How do you like this big, beautiful oyster shell chandelier? It would be stunning 
if it is not too big...


I love that big oyster shell chandelier but this is a nice smaller oyster shell chandelier...


Along the lines of using coastal materials, check out this driftwood chandelier...


I am crazy over this boho style chandelier! I have seen it in person and fear it might be too large for my room but isn't it amazing?


Here's another wonderful rustic beaded chandelier that is a good scale for the cottage...

Source: Wayfair

And last but not least is this fabulous capiz shell chandelier--one of my favorites. 
Isn't it fantastic?


I've got to choose soon. Which one(s) do you like the best?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Name That Cottage!

I am a mama x 4 and each time my husband and I were expecting we spent a lot of time considering various names and trying to select just the right ones for our precious babies.

I've been doing the same sort of thing with our beach cottage--trying to pick a name that is  special and will reflect the personality I hope it will have. These are some of the names I considered...

Smooth Sailing
Beach Bliss
Tickled Pink
Barefoot Bungalow
Isle Dream

Each of these had its merits but didn't make the cut. There was one other name that I kept coming back to that finally won out. It uses the word "sassy" which used to be a bad thing when I was growing up--meaning rude and disrespectful. 


But in modern times sassy can also mean lively, bold, and full of spirit... 


...all that with a touch of quirky.


That's the kind of sassy I am aiming for.

And the winner of the "Name That Cottage contest" is....The Sassy Seagull !!!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Favorite Things!

 Look at this face...

This is our granddaughter Piper who is celebrating her third birthday today!  And yes, she is quite the character who keeps us all on our toes and frequently in stitches with her 
lively personality.

Saturday we celebrated her at a "Piper's Favorite Things" birthday party. Her mama did a photo shoot featuring Piper and some her most favorite things and created a beautiful invitation...

Couldn't resist sharing this little lady on her special day. Piper, you're one of my favorite things, sweet girl! Happy Birthday!