Thursday, October 5, 2017

Where's My Rubber Ducky?

This is the story of how we got here...

...when we started out here...

You can see more "before" pictures and read about my plan for this room in my last post.'s what happened. 

We stole the closet space from the bedroom next door that was jutting into the bathroom.

Once the linoleum flooring was removed we discovered some rotting and decided to go with tile instead of refinishing the floor. Floor and Decor had some great choices of floor tile with a classic vintage vibe. This basketweave one for $2.99 per square foot...

This hexagonal tile for $2.57...

And last but not least, this selection for $2.39. I liked all three choices so I went with the least expensive one. No need to spend unnecessarily. Here is the winner...

And I went with a gray grout color to accentuate the design.

The plumbing needed to be reworked so we took a few inches from the next door bedroom to make a bit more space for the tub and to allow paneling to be installed to match the rest of the room.

When we rebuilt the closet for the master bathroom to use we made it a little less deep and a little less wide to allow more room for a larger vanity.

I found some goodies at Home Depot. This vanity was a bargain considering it came with a cultured marble top and sink.

And when I saw this brushed nickel beauty I knew I had found my vanity light...

The faucet and drain on the old tub had seen better days.

Sandpiper Supply, a plumbing supply store in Savannah, was where I found this Moen line of fixtures. The style, Brantford, was high quality but at one of their lower price points. I thought it had a lot of bang for the buck!

And the star of the show, the clawfoot tub was spruced up so it could show off. The outside was sanded, smoothed out with some Bondo, and then painted with Benjamin Moore's 2044-60 "Crystal Clear". Then I found Mike's Bathtub and Tile Refinishing on Angie's List and had Mike resurface the inside surface of the tub.

And y'all. Just look at this...

Yeh. I love the way it turned out! The shower curtain came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

I found an oyster shell mirror on eBay. And we even had room to squeeze in little built-in shelves to hold towels in between the vanity and the closet.

And one other thing...Check out the towel hooks. This was made out of repurposed wood. I found it at a flea market in Nashville.

So happy with this bathroom! 

Now where did I put my rubber ducky? I need a good soak...

Monday, October 2, 2017

Making A Plan!

In my last post I showed you the first of two master bedrooms at The Sassy Seagull. In this post you'll get to see the adjoining bathroom. Before.

This is what we saw when we set eyes on the room...

The room was on the small side and very dated but it had one feature that we were excited about! How about that old clawfoot bathtub!?!  Yay! Here it is once the occupant's possessions were gone...

So here was the plan I came up with for this room: 

1. Remove the old linoleum flooring. If there is a wood floor in good condition underneath, sand and refinish it. If not, tile the floor with something appropriate to the age of the house that has timeless appeal.

2. Get new fixtures for the tub since the ones on there currently are kinda grungy. 
See what I mean?

3. Remove the sink and vanity as well as the wall cabinet above the toilet. Replace with a larger new vanity and new sink. Put some paneling on that wall that matches the other walls.

4. Take the closet space from the kid's bunk room next door and use it instead for the master bathroom/bedroom. It bumps into the room already (see where the wall hooks are) 
 but it doesn't need to be quite so deep or wide--allowing more room for a larger vanity. 

5. Get new vanity lights, an overhead vent/light, and find a gorgeous beach-y mirror and a cool towel bar or towel hooks.

Sooo...that's the plan. I'll show you how it went down in my next post! Thanks for 
stopping by!