Monday, May 22, 2017

Cheerful Coastal Colors!

Now that the siding is installed at the Sassy Seagull cottage I am excited--and maybe a little scared--to pick colors for the exterior. Paint is one thing that has a tremendous impact on the look and feel of the home and I want to stay on budget by getting it right 
the first time. 

want the colors to feel bright, cheerful, and coastal so I started by going to a couple of paint stores and picking out my favorite paint chips that met that criteria. 

There were soooo many options and as you can imagine it was a little overwhelming. My husband requested that I pick something for the siding color that is blue or blue-ish so I chose a periwinkle blue color from Benjamin Moore that we both liked called "Blue Lapis".

I bought a sample and it was tried it in a small place before committing. 

It looks lighter than the paint chip in the bright sunshine but we loved it! Unfortunately our neighbors had loved it too and it turned out to be the same color as a nearby cottage that had a tall vine-covered fence in front obscuring the view of their home. So I went back to the drawing board and played with some more colors...

I need three colors--one each for siding, shutters, and doors as well as white. I also want to paint the floor of the front porch a light to medium gray and use blue on the ceiling of the front porch.

So after more samples, more trials on the shed behind the cottage...

L to R: Benjamin Moore Limelight, Poolside Blue, Pink Peach, Amelia Island Blue and Limelight

I chose "Amelia Island Blue" over "Poolside Blue" for the siding, "Limelight" for the shutters, and "Pink Peach" for the doors. It's gonna be bright and happy y'all! The painters are working right now and, hopefully, I'll have pictures for you soon! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Who's "Siding" With Me?

Sorry about the awful pun y'all! I'm just giddy because we've made so much 
progress lately.

The Sassy Seagull has been slowly but surely getting an overhaul! A few weeks ago the foundation work was completed and all brand new electrical and plumbing was roughed in. Some rooms received new windows and and the carpenters built my front porch and back steps.  Then. Finally. It was time to begin closing up the walls!

First came insulation and a moisture barrier that wraps around the house to keep that good ole air-conditioning inside from leaking out...

Then the crew put up Hardie siding. It's made of cement so it is flame retardant.

Paint is next! 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Raising The Roof!

Things have been moving along at The Sassy Seagull! Last time you had a peek at the cottage we had just torn the old front wall down to replace rotting boards and to shore up the foundation. While we were at it we decided to "raise the roof" by giving it 
a steeper pitch.

Because of the changes we made it was necessary to put a new roof on the front. We really wanted a metal roof and decided to go ahead and replace all of the roof thanks to a great quote we got from Ace Roofing!

The guys came and measured...

Took the old roof tiles off...

And before too long it we had a gorgeous metal roof!