Friday, September 26, 2014

Lighten Up!

When we first built our home in 1999 I loved my warm color scheme with it's 
reds, greens and golds.  

Then, after living with and loving it for twelve years, I began wanting to lighten things up.  I didn't exactly dislike what I had; I was just ready for a change.  Do you ever feel like that?

I decided to start the redo by looking for wallpaper for the formal dining room and when I came across this Farrow and Ball paper called Lotus on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens, it was love at first sight!


My love affair with this paper made me think of the old torch song..."You made me love you.  I didn't wanna do it.  I didn't wanna do it.  You made me want you and all the time you knew it.  I guess you always knew it."

  It is normally only sold to the trade (professional designers) and was out of my price range.  I worked really hard to find another paper I liked as well--or even almost as well--but I couldn't.  

Then enter my hero.....I have the world's most generous and understanding husband who urged me to splurge.  I rarely "go crazy" like that but this time I did.  This one choice was going to impact all of my future choices for the house since my rooms are all 
open to one another.  But I still had a problem--I don't like to pay full price unless there is no other way.

   Thank goodness for Google--I found a company online called L.A. Design Concepts that gives their customers access to "trade only" home goods--and at a good discount!  
Still, it was a splurge for me....I'm so grateful that I only had to paper above the chair rail!

Here's how it turned out...

These pictures were taken with a little point and shoot camera and they seem a bit dark but I think they give you an idea of how the room looks.  I would like to update with a new chandelier but I'm waiting for just the right one to come along (and for the budget).

In upcoming posts I'm going to share some before and after shots of other rooms I remodeled at home in an effort to build up the resolve to redo our master bedroom.  I need some courage to tackle that project.  Living through a reno is not for sissies.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Love Story

When I married my husband, I also got the best mother-in-law in the world!  She welcomed me into her heart and home completely and after 41 years of being married to her son, I cannot recall her ever criticizing me even though I am sure I have disappointed her at times.  She always chose to encourage, forgive, and love.

Last Thursday she went home to heaven and oh how she will be missed!

Let me tell you her story--it's a love story.

Hilda Gattmann Patton aka Mema was born to Fritz and Josephine Gattmann--the beloved baby girl in a family with five kids.

She grew up to be a beautiful young woman.

Hilda fell in love with Henry Murriel Patton, the boy next door.  As children they used to rendezvous and talk through the hole in the backyard fence.

  Right after high school graduation toward the end of World War II, Murriel enlisted in the U.S. Navy and was stationed across the country in California.  He flew home to take 
Hilda as his bride.

Hilda set up her first home in Navy housing, a quonset hut.  They were a happy couple.

After Murriel fulfilled his commitment to the Navy they went back home to settle in Savannah, Georgia.  Murriel began working for the telephone company and they started their family...

Henry, Jr., Eleanor, Jeffery...

and Anita and Dorothy...

Hilda and Murriel worked hard to provide for their family and theirs was a happy home.  The years passed and the kids grew up, married and then grandchildren began to arrive...

The heartbreak of Hilda's life came when her dear husband Murriel died.  She was a 
one-man woman and when asked if she would ever date again, she said that she didn't plan to...the only way she would consider dating again would be if she could date Murriel.

The family continued to grow and now there are 15 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren with 2 more due by the end of the year!

This picture of grands and great-grands was taken at Hilda's 80th birthday party in 2009.

The last few years Hilda has battled health problems.  Her family has been by her side through it all until last Thursday she left her earthly life for an everlasting one in heaven.  We trust that she received a joyful welcome from her parents, siblings, and especially from her beloved Murriel!  I feel sure she also heard "Well done, My good and faithful servant," from her God as her faith has now become sight.

We were blessed to have her for so long and we will, we do sorely miss her!  She lived a life of love--a great legacy.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Repurposing A French Door!

Kim, my sister-in-law, is a great cook--the Hostess with the Mostest!

She's also a very creative and handy lady!  I love the vision she has for 
repurposing found objects.  

One day this summer Kim was walking by The Mulberry Inn, a hotel in downtown Savannah, on her way to work.  The hotel had been purchased by The Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group and it was being remodeled  into a boutique hotel.


They were throwing out a french door so Kim asked if she could have it.  The remodelers were happy for her to take it so she brought it home and made it into an outdoor table!

She had Home Depot cut 2 x 4's into legs for the table and attached them with door hinges.  Then she painted the table.  All in all it cost $28 for supplies!  

And voila!

Isn't this a cool idea for recycling a door?  It pays to keep your eyes open for "trash" that you can turn into treasure!  Kim is planning to have glass cut to cover the top and she wants to paint the wrought iron chairs as well.  Great job!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some More Love For Coral Cottage From HGTV!

Coral Cottage has been getting lots of love lately!  HGTV magazine did a wonderful feature in their July-August edition.  

Then last week Erin who writes the popular blog, House of Turquoise, shared pictures of Coral Cottage in honor of her upcoming trip to Tybee.  Lots of turquoise goodness 
in those photos!  

Erin dropped by our Doc Holiday cottage while she was in town and took some pictures--maybe we will see them on her blog in the future!

Now I am excited to share that HGTV has posted a great recap of the magazine article on their website! 

Wow!  I'm thrilled that there are so many who love our little cottage.  If you'd like to see the HGTV online article just click on the blue link!

Coral Cottage is available for vacations if you want to come for a visit.  Click here for more information!