Monday, October 13, 2014

Doc Holiday Meets Erin From House of Turquoise!

This summer one of my favorite bloggers, Erin Moser, who writes the wildly popular 
House of Turquoise blog paid a call on our little Tybee cottage, Doc Holiday!

Erin and I are both big fans of the color turquoise and all of its variations so, with that in common plus a shared love for vintage things and old cottages, Erin and I had a great 
visit!  Lots of picture-taking ensued!

I'm excited to announce that today Doc Holiday is being featured by
House of Turquoise!  Erin has posted a bunch of those gorgeous pictures she took during her visit and you can click here to see them!

If you are dropping by as a visitor, I hope you will explore the archives.  My very first post was written on the day we moved Doc Holiday, our Tybee beach cottage, from it's original location to it's new lot down the street!

There are lots of before and after pictures and many in-betweens showing you stuff like how we got from here...

to here...

and ending up here...

  I've restored three old beach cottages with the help of Jane Coslick, a designer who specializes in historical preservation.  I didn't want to forget what an amazing experience I was having--or what the paint colors were--or where I bought the various items for the house--or how I diy-ed some of the furnishings and so on!  This blog shares that process and the ongoing journey of making a house a home.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again!