Wednesday, September 20, 2017

A Beach-y Master Bedroom!

Thanks so much to many friends who have asked how our Tybee cottages came through when Hurricane Irma blew in recently! I appreciate your concern and am so grateful to report that both Doc Holiday Cottage and The Sassy Seagull are doing great! We feel so blessed that they were not damaged by flood waters or high winds. 

It's been a little while since I shared what we did to make Sassy Seagull live up to her name. Let's get back to it, okay? 

Today--the Front Master Bedroom! Here's a peek taken while standing in the living room...can't wait to show you more! 

This is what the room looked like before renovations began. Not sure why that square of paneling was left unpainted. 

The walls and trim were painted the same color with Martha Stewart's MSL 8002 "Glass of Milk" in a semi-gloss finish. And I decided to have the painted floors sanded, stained and finished with satin polyurethane.

I wanted a medium brown colored stain--not too red and not too black.

And the winner was Minwax Provincial 211...

I selected a chandelier made with oyster shells to give a beach-y vibe to the room. It is available on several websites but I found the best price on Wayfair. It is gorgeous but only has one 60 watt bulb so it needed to be located in a room where we could supplement with  lighting from lamps.

Finally came furniture and accessories....I went with a metal "iron" bed since I needed to place the king size bed in front of windows and didn't want to block the light any more than necessary. I only used a headboard because adding a footboard would take up space visually and make the room appear smaller.

The bedding and lamps came from Home Goods and the striped orange pillows as well as the fish pillow came from Amazon. 

The chair was a family hand-me-down and the nightstands were flea market finds. Michael's was the source for the chair side table. After these photos were taken I purchased a chest of drawers painted in a greenish blue. 

And that's the front master bedroom at The Sassy Seagull!