Tuesday, June 11, 2019

These Are The Good Old Days!

We went for a vacation to Doc Holiday cottage recently with some of our family members. Before everyone arrived I walked through to take some updated pictures since I recently fluffed the cottage with new pillows, etc. My eye landed on this window art by the late Leonard Miller that designer Jane Coslick commissioned as a gift to us when we completed work on our first Tybee cottage, Coral Cottage.

The sentiment on the window speaks of special places. Special moments in time. As I studied it I realized that our family was getting ready to create some special moments together and now, weeks later, they are cherished memories. 

Our family has been going to Tybee Island (Savannah, Georgia's beach) for four generations! We have a rogue's gallery of pictures at Doc Holiday cottage. There are photos of our grandparents...

Husband's grandparents on top right and my grandmother on bottom right with me and my sisters.

Photos of my husband and I as children with our parents...

Top row: My parents, me and my mom, me with my two sisters

Bottom picture: My husband, about 1 year old, with his parents by the pier

Then there are wonderful pictures of our family--our four kids and their beautiful families.

There's even a picture of our very first stay at Doc Holiday in which some of the grandchildren were packed up and excited for a day on the beach! We stopped for a quick photo to commemorate the occasion...

There are more grandchildren now--even one more to come in September. The oldest boy in the photo above just got his driver's license! Time certainly doesn't stand still! Those were the good old days--but these are the good old days too.

Tybee vacation 2019

Our family takes sandcastle building very seriously.

This is a reminder to all of us--especially to me.... Make great memories with your loved ones! Make them as often as possible. Plan for them in the future. One day they will be treasures that we can enjoy whenever we want just by remembering.

This photo of us with Jordan, Sarah, and grand puppy, Rafael  was taken at The Sassy Seagull, our other cottage that is just down the street from Doc Holiday.

Ready to make your own magical "good old days"? Need a place to make them happen? There are still a few summer weeks left for rentals at our cottages, Doc Holiday and Sassy Seagull. You can find available weeks here:

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