Monday, September 30, 2013

From Demo To Delightful!

Last time I showed you the living room/dining room area of the house "before" and just after demolition.  We removed a wall to open the spaces up into one room.  Let me take you through the process that prepared the room for furniture.

The five panel doors were installed for the bunk room (to the left) and one of the master
bedrooms (straight ahead). 

The floors were sanded...

 Then they were stained and the first coat of polyurethane went down...

And this is how it looked after the final coats of poly went down...

My design guru Jane Coslick had been campaigning all along for us to add a window to the front of the house and the left of the front door (from the inside).  She was quite passionate about it and finally I listened to reason. The window was cut in just as primer was going up.  Good call Jane!

Isn't it amazing how much brighter the room looks just with the primer?

And finally we get to the paint.  This is a Martha Stewart color called Glass of Milk MSL 8002.
We used a semi-gloss.

 I ran inside and quickly took a few pictures just before bringing in the furniture.

Thanks for stopping by!  Can't wait to show you how the room is turning time.  


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beauty Instead Of A Beast!

I'm excited to show you the living room/dining room at Doc Holiday!  It started off 
as two rooms...  

Here's a photo of the living room "before" with its not-so-lovely blue bamboo wallpaper (probably all the rage in the '70's) and the opening leading into the dining room.
After a lot of consideration Henry and I decided to remove the wall between the two rooms and open the space up.

We were super-excited to find wood walls behind all that bamboo wallpaper!   And, once the low, stippled-sheetrock ceiling was removed, it was great  to see that the wood ran all the way up to cover the vaulted ceiling!  And there was a wood floor underneath the yucky carpet!
Blessing upon blessing!

The carpenters removed some of the ceiling to allow for cleaning (you don't want to know) and access for the insulation foam to be applied.
Finding something positive during the demolition phase was a new experience for me. Usually I live with a little black cloud of dread hanging over me during demo because usually the news is bad news.  Expensive news.  This time--good news.  Thrilling!

I actually think the room looks more beautiful after demo than before.  Even in its raw state, it's a beauty instead of a beast!  Can't wait to show you more.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And The Winner Is....!!!

Last week I asked for some feedback in choosing a bedding collection for the back bedroom at Doc Holiday.  This is the countdown from the blog and Facebook...
With one vote each and tied for last place...
Look #1
And Look #4

 Tied for second place...
Look #2
 And Look #5

And the winner is...Look #3!!!
 Thanks so much for voting and sharing your thoughts!  After looking through the pictures again I decided that the blue quilt was the best choice for the house because when the bedroom door is open the blue quilt gives the best sight line--the red quilt didn't blend with the colors in the living room and dining room as well.

Right now I am trying to decide between #5 and #3.  I would really like the accent pillow to be ocean-y (is that a word?) and neither of these are.  While I wait for the right thing to come along I think I will go with #5 since I already own the "Happy All Around" pillow.

Thanks a million guys!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Exercise Your Right To Vote!

I went shopping yesterday for bedding and pillows for the second master bedroom at Doc Holiday.  The room wasn't really bad--it just wasn't really good.  I had used what was leftover from decorating other rooms.

So I went to Home Goods and Stein-Mart and bought two quilts, two large pillows, and two accent pillows.  Then I spent an afternoon playing with different combinations.  
Please take a look at these combinations and tell me 
which one is your favorite?

Look #1

 Look #2

 Look #3

Look #4

Look #5

The typography pillow in Look #5 is one I already had.  It's a little hard to read the print in the above photo so here's a close-up.

Look #5 (again)

 Which combination do you like best?  Or is there some other combination that you would use?  Please exercise your right to vote :) by leaving your choice in the comments.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Treasures Galore!

I'm a clutter-bug.  All you have to do is check out my closets and you can tell.  Apparently other people suffer from the same affliction--only their extra stuff is more exciting than mine--and they are consigning it at a store in Savannah.  The store is appropriately named Clutter.

Clutter is no Goodwill-type store where you pull up to the curb and drop off your old stuff.  In order to consign your wares, you have to pass the screening by emailing photos to the owner.  She is very selective and the result is an assortment of amazing goods.  It's such fun!
 Let me show you what I was drawn to the last time I popped in for a look!

Somebody had a fabulous collection of coral (real, not faux).  These were my favorites...

  Look at these gorgeous mirrors!

 And there were some really great chandeliers...

There is an artist in Savannah who makes these cool industrial chandeliers--this one could have been on somebody's roof top at one time!

And I'm crazy for this shell chandelier!

Not sure how practical it is but this table covered with shells is certainly a conversation piece.

This display of authentic Amazonian Indian headpieces stopped me in my tracks!  My husband, with American Indian in his blood, loved it!  The feathers had such vibrant colors and each piece was so artfully crafted. It was better than a museum because you could handle them 
if you wanted to.

There is always something new every time I visit.  Treasures galore!  Love.

Where do you go to look for treasure?  Do you have any favorite haunts?  Any great spots for bargains?  Do share.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Aiming For Plu-Perfect!

It's time to show you the second master bedroom at Doc Holiday--at least what it looked like right after we moved all the furniture in.  At first I thought maybe I should wait to blog about this room until I had it exactly the way I want it to be--"plu-perfect" as my hubby calls things when they are exactly right.  But then I decided to be honest--it's pretty now but it is a 
work in progress.  Here goes!
 In July when I brought the U-Haul to Tybee for the move into Doc Holiday, there were a few frantic days trying to set up while last-minute construction was still ongoing and I knew I had family showing up in a few days for a fun week at the beach.  Not much time to shop.  And strangely not much that worked for my house when I did go to my favorite stores. 

So I took what I had and did my best.  The adults in our family prefer king size beds so I found a headboard I liked for a great price on eBay and painted it with Sherwin-Williams semi-gloss paint in Frolic SW 6703.  This is what it looked like right after painting. 

Sorry about all the furniture in front of it--we had quite a few pieces awaiting their turn to be painted.
 I like lots of vintage things but vintage mattresses--not so much!  So we bought a new mattress and bed frame in Savannah.  There is no footboard by design.  In a small room it is best to go with just the headboard--a footboard would take up too much room visually and make the room feel even smaller.  
 This was my first attempt at arranging the bed with the pillows I had on hand...
On my next trip to Tybee, Jane Coslick and I rearranged things a bit and the lamps were swapped out.  This photo only shows one lamp--that's all Savannah's Kirkland's had but I had one on hold at the Conyers store.  So here's Take Two...

Like I said, a work in progress...
This is the dresser I posted about here.

   And because you always need clothes and towel hooks at the beach...
As you can tell from this photo, we decided to leave that old, deliciously chippy-paint door that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom.  As Jane would say, it's perfectly imperfect!   It was too good to discard but beware tall people:  You need to duck your head!
 And that is where I am currently with this master bedroom.  It's pretty, comfy and a nice place to lay your head...but am I finished?  Am I satisfied?  Nope.  Not yet.   I am not going to stop working on it until I think it is "plu-perfect".  (Perfectionism...It's a disease.)

What about you?  Do you have any works in progress? 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Razzle Dazzle with a Beachy Vibe!

I love to shop eBay, Craig's List, and flea markets--sifting through the used and cast-off items to find potential treasures. It's not that I have anything against buying new--but as Anne of Green Gables would say there's "more scope for the imagination" in re-purposing old things.
Even better than buying good used furniture is re-purposing free family hand-me-downs.  And that is what I decided to do with this old dresser that once belonged to my parents.

First came sanding, priming with Zinsser Cover Stain with the gold label, and sanding again.

 Then it was time to paint.

This mid-century modern dresser had the simple, unadorned lines of furniture from that era and I was trying to think how to give it a little razzle dazzle with a beach-y vibe.  Taking a cue from something I saw on Pinterest I decided to paint each drawer a different color.  
Actually it was the same color in different levels of saturation.  I used Sherwin-Williams paint in semi-gloss with the lightest color on top and getting darker as we went to lower drawers. 

 First, I had SW 6763 Retiring Blue mixed and after painting the top drawer front, I requested the store to add pigment to make it into SW 6764 Swimming.  Once the next drawer was painted, we darkened the paint to SW 6765 Spa.  I painted the third drawer and the rest of the dresser with Spa.
Then I purchased one more can of paint in SW 6766 Mariner,  painted the next drawer, and  had the paint darkened to SW 6767 Aquarium for the bottom drawer.
I found these cool jute rope knobs on and ordered enough for the top two drawers.
I went to a marina store in Savannah and bought these boat cleats to use as handles on the lower drawers.
 This is how the dresser turned out!

 How do you like it?  Have you done any fun projects lately?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Magical Like A Blanket Of Snow!

You know how snow can cover up the ordinary view and make it beautiful?  That's what paint is like to me...especially white paint in a beach cottage.  It's magical!
First we had to put on a primer coat...

It's already better, right?  But just wait...
We painted the front rooms in Doc Holiday with MSL 8002, 
Martha Stewart's Glass of Milk.  Wow!  what a difference!

After...The stains on the floor boards were too deep to sand out.  Thankfully, they will be covered with the bed and night stands. 


Before...with bead board walls and closet added

And finally the last angle...

Ahhhh.  Now it's time to bring in some furniture!