Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bargain-Hunt Beautiful!

On your virtual visit to Coast Awhile Cottage have you decided in which room you'd like to stay?  Would it be the "nautical and nice" downstairs master?  Or the "makes you smile" bunk room?  Or maybe Anna's masterpiece?  Can't make up your mind?

Let me show you one more and see if I can make it harder to decide:)  This one is next door to "Anna's".  It started out like this...

 As you can see there are lots of big windows. 

There were two lights that were on each side of the bed.  Jane Coslick and I decided to cap them off since we are changing the furniture arrangement to accommodate a king size bed.

We are leaving the bookshelf to store books and games.  The door on the right (above)
leads to a closet.

 As I already mentioned, this room has lots of windows.  They are original to the house with wonderful, wavy, old glass.  I love them!  The room get lots of light yet it looked very dark with it's dark paneling.  Call in the painters!

The paint color is MSL 8002 "Glass of Milk"--a Martha Stewart color.

Ahhh...better already.

While we were busy getting the house ready I was busy bargain-hunting.  One of my daughter's best friends, Jennifer Smith, told me about a fabric store that sells remnants and end-of-the-bolt fabric for unbelievably low prices--just my price range!

 Fabric World is located in Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It's sort of like a big rummage sale but at $1.99 a yard for designer fabric, I'm willing to dig through.

It's very hit or miss.  Sometimes when I go there is nothing I want but on this trip I lucked out and found lots of remnants just perfect for pillows!  I already had a lime green and white duvet cover and these other fabrics will look great!

Source:  Jane Coslick

Once the room was ready, Jane and I began experimenting with the fabric and trying out lamps and other furnishings.

Next time I will show you the finished room--it turned out so beautiful!  Then you can decide where you'd like to stay! 

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