Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Purty" Potty!

I'm very particular about bathrooms.  When I rent a home or stay in a hotel I want the place to have a pristine bathroom--immaculately clean and fresh.  When we bought Coast Awhile Cottage  we knew we had our work cut out for us to bring the tired, old bathrooms up to date.

 Upstairs there is a bathroom which is at the end of a hall-like area.   

Once you step inside there is another hall.  We believe this bathroom may have been added on--not part of the original house.

This photo was taken before the walls in the house were painted white.

There wasn't much to please the eye in the beginning...

...in fact, it was a little scary...

Ewwww.  As we took a closer look, the tub and the tile were in pretty good condition but the glass shower doors needed to go.  

It was the same with the faucets--we needed new ones.  We decided to keep the pedestal sink but replace the toilet.  And since there was no venting, we decided to replace the shelves with a window over the toilet to bring the room up to code.

It was rather disconcerting to find that once the toilet was removed we could see through to the deck outside.  It's a wonder someone hadn't crashed through!  Needless to say that floor was well-supported before things were put back together. 

Once everything was stripped down, we added bead board to the walls and painted everything white.  I like the clean feeling it gives and I think it will be easier to keep clean than drywall.  Here's how it all turned out....

 The sink was a freebie--it was in good condition so we reused it.  We took down the old "Hollywood dressing room" light fixture and replaced it with something more up to date.  The mirror was a find from World Market.  It was beautiful in it's natural wood color but we spray painted it with Rustoleum paint in Aqua to give a punch of color to this all white room.  The towels and throw rugs are from Target--Room Essentials fast dry towels and matching rugs. 

My designer, Jane Coslick, had an old medicine cabinet in her stash that she keeps on hand to furnish her clients with unique pieces when the need arises.  We thought it would be perfect next to the sink to add storage and to have a place to put personal items needed while 
getting dressed.

Some hooks for clothes and towels and a bright and cheery shower curtain from Home Goods finish off the room!

Now that's a safe, clean, "purty" room I could feel good about using to "powder my nose"!


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