Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's A Girl!

Happy news!
Introducing our precious new granddaughter Piper who from day one already knew how to 
make a fashion statement!

She was born April 3rd, weighed in at a healthy 9lb 3oz, and was 22 inches long!   Her mother Meghan (our daughter) was a trooper and managed to deliver her with natural childbirth and Piper's daddy Tom was an excellent birth coach!
It would be an understatement to say her family is already in love with her!

Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Lisa brought two of the Fab Four to get acquainted (Violet, top left and Anna Kate, lower right)

Big sister Josey is thrilled and when she's not busy being awesome in her own right...
 ...she loves to hug and kiss her baby sister.

Piper already has a few nicknames..."Pipsqueak" (although she really doesn't deserve it) and my personal favorite--she was dubbed "Pipette" by her grandfather who was a Chemistry major as an undergrad.  She has also been called "Pipes" and I must say she can certainly speak up for herself...I am woman, hear me roar!
Daddy was trying to work and either Piper thought he was writing some bad code or she was letting Mommy know that it was time for her second or was that third (?) breakfast.  
But most of the time--all of the time--precious Piper is just that...precious!

Welcome to the world sweet girl and welcome to the family!