Thursday, August 14, 2014

Henry, Vicky, and Triple D in Santa Fe!

Anybody else out there a fan of Guy Fieri from the Food Network?  Henry and I have enjoyed watching him cook and entertain since he competed to win the Food Network Star competition.  And he is really fun to watch on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives where he "takes us" to various restaurants around the country.

We've often watched him visit a restaurant and wished we could go there to eat...
last night we did!  

This is what happened...

There is a medical meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico later in the week that Henry is going to attend so we decided to come a couple days early and do some sight-seeing.  (A quick thank you to our house sitters for holding down the fort back home!)

We arrived mid-afternoon, and after settling into our hotel we took a quick walk around the plaza area to get a quick overview.

It's a shopping and restaurant mecca!  We poked around in a few stores...I know I don't look too happy in the photo below but when there are lots of boutiques to explore--believe me, I'm happy.

We made the acquaintance of this little burro statue...

And we came upon this beautiful church at the end of the street...Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi.  We walked back to our hotel with lots of ideas about how we might spend our time exploring this week

When we finished this little scouting tour, we were hungry.  Our hotel concierge recommended a restaurant nearby that we could walk to called Casa Chimayo.

When we went inside we noticed a corridor leading to a courtyard...

There were some fun metal sculptures of a mariachi band.

Henry's favorite was the guitar player...He has a nice smile.

The sky looked ominous and we had felt some raindrops a little earlier so we decided to 
be seated inside.

I ordered chicken fajitas and Henry ordered their specialty:  stacked enchiladas made with blue corn tortillas.   They don't roll the enchiladas but they stack them instead!  We had just received our favorite part of any Mexican meal--the guacamole and chips--when we spotted this...

There was a poster of Guy Fieri standing next to the cool red convertible he drives when Triple D tours the country.  Guy autographed it when he featured the restaurant in a 
recent episode! 

Our wish came true!  Don't you love it when you get an unexpected perk? 

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