Sunday, March 26, 2017

Turning The Corner!

We're turning the corner y'all! For months we've been doing demolition and discovery of all the problems at the beach cottage and now we are in the business of putting things back together with all the mechanical aspects of the job.

I know. It's not so exciting for some to read about the plumbing, wiring, etc. but it is exciting to me because I know that this little beach cottage is going to be functional as well as beautiful! And I'm using this time to begin shopping for the good stuff such as lighting, flooring, paint colors, etc.

This week I made a trip to Floor and Decor in Savannah to pick out tile for the laundry room! The plumber needs to install the water heater and water pan in a laundry room closet and he can't finish until the floor is installed. Here's what "spoke" to me...

I liked this porcelain tile marble lookalike called "Grand Calcutta" in 12x12 inch size. It had a matte finish.

There was also a nice ceramic tile in a polished marble look called "Crystal White". At one third the cost of the porcelain tile it was very tempting....

And there was a solid white porcelain tile called Moondance White in 13x13 inch size that was very nice....

After speaking to a customer service person I learned that the porcelain would be a better choice for a room that would have heavy appliances in it because it is more durable and over time less likely to crack with all the weight on it.

I decided to go with the Grand Calcutta tile because I like the way marble looks and although this tile is faux marble I think it will give me the desired effect 
on the budget I have to work with.

As I was working my way through the store I noticed this display with real Carrera marble and I liked the grout they used--Mapei 77 Frost Keracolor sanded grout.

I am using the same color in unsanded grout. It has a smoother texture I think will make it easier to clean. Here's a photo of the sample against the Grand Calcutta tile...

The tile is supposed to be laid this weekend but they will not grout it right away. I can't wait to see it! After all these weeks of tearing down, it feels good to finally be putting things back together again!


  1. Most important to choose the right tile. Love the Calcutta. Can't wait to see it laid out.

    1. Thanks Becky! I'm so excited to finally be building up instead of tearing down!