Thursday, April 6, 2017

Name That Cottage!

I am a mama x 4 and each time my husband and I were expecting we spent a lot of time considering various names and trying to select just the right ones for our precious babies.

I've been doing the same sort of thing with our beach cottage--trying to pick a name that is  special and will reflect the personality I hope it will have. These are some of the names I considered...

Smooth Sailing
Beach Bliss
Tickled Pink
Barefoot Bungalow
Isle Dream

Each of these had its merits but didn't make the cut. There was one other name that I kept coming back to that finally won out. It uses the word "sassy" which used to be a bad thing when I was growing up--meaning rude and disrespectful. 


But in modern times sassy can also mean lively, bold, and full of spirit... 


...all that with a touch of quirky.


That's the kind of sassy I am aiming for.

And the winner of the "Name That Cottage contest" is....The Sassy Seagull !!!

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