Thursday, January 19, 2017

"Before" Part One

Have you ever thought it would be fun to renovate a beach cottage? It is! It is so satisfying to see a cottage that is past its prime given a new lease on life. It's also very challenging to do it on a budget.

Let me show you our new little old cottage at Tybee Island.

Let's do a pretend walk-through so you can see the "Before" pictures. Then we can begin to get a feel for the cottage and begin imagining what we might want to do. Come on in!

Tiny Screened Porch leading to the Front Door

Living Room

The door on the left is the entry door from the screened porch. The door on the right which used to be the front door now leads to the dining area.

Dining Room


Notice the challenges in this room...there are many but two of the most obvious are the electrical panel over the countertop as well as the way the countertops end before the wall due to a window on one side and a closet door on the other.

This cottage also has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. I'll show you those rooms in the next post.

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