Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Before" At The Beach Part Two!

Last week I posted the "before" pictures of the common areas at our little beach cottage.
Now I want to show you each of the three bedrooms and the two bathrooms--how they look before any work is done.

There will be two master bedrooms--each with an adjoining bathroom.  There is one other very small bedroom that we plan to turn into a bunk room.

Front Master Bedroom

The front bedroom is off the living room (living room is through door on left) and is fairly large for a vintage Tybee cottage.

You can see what the paneling used to look like before the previous owner painted. Wonder how they missed that spot? 

The door in next photo leads to the bathroom.

Bathroom adjoining the Front Bedroom

Don't you love the claw foot tub?!?

The bathroom is long and skinny. Part of it was closed off by the previous owner to make a closet for the bedroom next door.

Bunk Room

This room is off the kitchen in the middle of the house. The door leads out to the kitchen.

Here is the closet that goes into the front bath.

It will be a challenge to make the most of this cozy space so that its occupants have a relaxing space with some storage for their belongings.

Back Master Bedroom

This bedroom is more compact but it has wonderful windows!

Tybee cottages are known to be a little funky.  There is a water heater and a makeshift closet on this wall. The door leads to the backyard.

Back Bathroom

This long, skinny bathroom does not currently connect to the next-door back master bedroom. We are hoping to find a way to connect them. Talk about funky--check this out! 

I guess they built the room around the appliances because there is no way the washer and dryer fit through the door! And check this out--only about 18 inches between the sink and the dryer. Not much room to stand...

Looking back in the other direction...

So that is a "Before" tour of the bedrooms and bathrooms at our little beach cottage. We've doing a lot of thinking and planning and now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get started!

I hope you'll join us on the journey!


  1. I will enjoy reading what you do to bring this cottage back to life. Will you keep the white painted boards on the walls? (I like them)

    1. I'm glad you like them. I do too and I am doing my best to keep those paneled walls. We need to rewire and in order to do that we may have to remove a few boards. Unfortunately they tend to crack so we will probably try to work from the outside in when we take off the siding.

  2. Such potential! I look forward to following your blog. I found you through a cute chandelier you made for another beach house. I need to catch-up on all your past blogs. Best of luck!

    1. So glad to have you along for the journey Sherry! As you can see, my blog is not monetized and I am writing it to chronicle the process of restoring and furnishing these old Tybee cottages. It helps when I need to recall what paint color we used or where something was purchased--and that came in handy when Coral Cottage was featured in Cottage Style and HGTV magazine.

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