Monday, February 6, 2017

Time To Work--We're Going In!

Things are finally happening at the little Tybee Beach cottage! We had to do some foundation work at the front of the house and while we were at it, we decided to level the sloping floor. The front room was originally a front porch that was enclosed by a previous owner. That's why it was angled--to allow drainage for the porch. There wasn't much crawl space so we went under the house through the interior floor. 

I was excited to find a wood floor underneath the linoleum!

Also there were two exterior doors leading into the living room...

Awkward. And since I want to use the enclosed porch as a dining space, I decided to remove the door leading to the porch from the living room and open up the wall a bit so the two rooms relate to one another better.

Like this...

We're going to get new windows to replace the ones in the porch/dining room. The old ones survived Hurricane Matthew but they are not the type made to withstand high winds, so they have to go.

I can just imagine a table and chairs with a cool chandelier hanging down...
Can you see it?

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