Monday, July 17, 2017

From Dive to Dining Room!

I gave you a little peek at the dining room in the Sassy Seagull in my last post. 

It started out as a front porch that was eventually enclosed. When we purchased the cottage it looked like this...

It was a long room--21.5 feet long by 9 feet wide. The former occupants used the space for a dining area/office/overflow sleeping. There was a single door--the former front door--that lead into the living room.

We decided to divided this space into two rooms--a dining space and a laundry/utility room.  We also decided to remove the door and open the wall up with a wide cased opening to the living room. Once we had a plan it was time to get started!

We opened up the wall between the living and dining rooms. And the floor was opened up to check out an uneven area.

Then (sad face emoji) we found termite damage to the porch foundation. It had to be rebuilt  so this happened...

When the porch/dining room/laundry room was rebuilt we raised the roof line a bit to give us a higher ceiling. We had found wood beneath the linoleum and it was able to be reused. 

Next came insulation, larger windows...

...and paneling for the walls that matched the rest of the house.

The floors were refinished and the walls were painted. Voila! 

Ready for a pretty chandelier and furniture! I'll save that for the next post. Y'all come back!

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