Monday, August 21, 2017

Now We're Cooking!

Last week I posted about all of the crazy quirks in the kitchen at Sassy Seagull and how we planned to remodel it. Let me pick up where we left off...

I chose basic white shaker cabinets--a style that suits this little cottage--simple 
and timeless.

I found these knobs and pulls at Home Depot. I liked the aged, galvanized look and felt it had the feel I was trying to capture in this vintage cottage.

I used Wilsonart laminate countertops in Designer White...not fancy or luxurious (which fits in with with the down home feel of these quaint old Tybee cottages) but 
very budget-friendly!

Once these elements were in place we stained the floors, installed the sink and the appliances, and painted the walls with Martha Stewart Living's 
"Glass of Milk" in semi-gloss. I also had some pretty blue penny tiles installed as a backsplash.

Here's a closeup of the tile...

SomerTile FXLMPML Retro Penni Matte Light Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile

Last but not least, we had some leftover boards that were ripped down from some of the walls in the cottage to allow for wiring and plumbing to be updated so we decided to salvage them and reuse them by cladding the peninsula with them.  They add such a fun touch to the room! And they were free!

So here's the kitchen...

I used curtains in the window that pick up the orange of the stools. They are not pictured here because they were installed after I took these photos. This is the fabric...

P. Kaufmann Indoor/Outdoor Coral Splendor Stripe fabric

A few more photos...

And that's how we went from this...

To this...



  1. It looks very cute and usable. Where is it located on Tybee and when will it be rentable?

    1. The address is 809 2nd Ave.--the pedestrian and bike path street at Tybee. It is rented through October. We have it as well as our other cottage, Doc Holiday, listed with Tybee Cottages Inc. Here are links to their listings you can copy and paste into your browser just in case you know someone who wants to rent a cottage in the future. Sassy's address is and Doc's is Thanks for you comment! It's great to hear from you after so long!

  2. Do you mind sharing your cabinet source? We are in the middle of a rental reno and they look like the cabinets I am planning to use which are in-stock at a chain store. Yours look great and I am hoping they are the same. It's nice to see them in the real world as opposed to the store. Thanks!

    1. Chontelle, these cabinets were ordered through our contractor's source, Cabinet's By Mike. When we did our cabinets at our other cottage, Doc Holiday, I ordered in-stock cabinets just like these at Lowe's. They look just as nice and were well-priced plus Lowe's helped with space-planning. I hope you will be happy with your reno!