Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm in the mood to write about something beautiful.  I've been showing lots of "before" pictures and I'm getting ready to show lots of demolition pictures as the renovation of our cottage begins--so today let's take a look at something lovely.

Last week I went to Savannah to attend a bridal luncheon for my beautiful niece Brittney who married her sweetheart Tim on Saturday evening.   It is our family tradition that just before the wedding all of the aunts give a luncheon to honor each of the brides and their attendants.  Brittney chose The Pirates' House, a popular restaurant with locals and tourists alike.

Dorothy (Henry's sister who was mother of the bride), Beth, Brittney (bride), Eleanor, Anita and Vicky
Don't you love those special multi-generational parties where everyone from 
the eldest family members to the youngest gather to share food and celebrate together?!

Hilda Patton, Henry's mom, with Jeff (Henry's brother our only male presence at the party)--Look at her blissful expression--so beautiful!
Charlotte's first taste of sugar thanks to some key lime pie served by Aunt Anita and Aunt Beth

I also had a nice surprise at the luncheon--Beth, who is a very talented seamstress and crafter, cross-stitched two pillows as an advance house-warming gift for our cottage.  Take a look at these gorgeous things...

Beth hates to pose for pictures but I made her--a beautiful gift from a beautiful lady!
 Since this post is all about beautiful things, here is one last picture of a beautiful bride and her handsome groomFamily is meant to be a beautiful thing and this one is just getting started.  Congratulations you two--and heartfelt wishes for
all the best in the years ahead!

Tim and Brittney


  1. Hope the newly weds are very happy. The pillows are fabulous!!

    1. Thanks Julie--I always enjoy your comments!