Friday, March 15, 2013

The Beach Cottage We Bought For A Dollar!

The Coral Cottage is finished except for a few small future improvements I have planned for her and next week her first guests will arrive!  

Recently a friend asked me--What's next?
I'd like to bring you up to speed on another cottage that I am excited to be working on.  It's the cottage we bought for a dollar!

This little cottage was planned for demolition by a family that wanted to build a new home on their lot.  Jane Coslick, our design consultant on The Coral Cottage, was asked by the historical society (with permission from the owners) to help find someone interested in saving this treasure by moving it to another location.
Enter Vicky and Henry :)  

We took a tour...

Front Porch
Living room looking into the dining room

Kitchen with a connecting bathroom
Bedroom connected to the dining room--somebody really liked bamboo wallpaper.
Bedroom connected to living room
Bedroom with bathroom in the "little house" connected to the main house
 We thought the house had promise and after some prayer and discussion, we decided to look for a lot!  Do you think we're smart or a little crazy? Both?


  1. I think are Both..BUT I see the vision. I like the homey touch of the chair sitting on top of the couch. Ha! Is the kitchen sink in good condition to be usable? I remember growing up with one that had the drainer grooves in the sink and have always wanted one like it. Very excited to see what you will do to this little gem.

  2. I love the sink too. We are saving the sink and its cabinet--I think I am going to set up a fish-cleaning station in the yard somewhere with it.

  3. Cannot wait to see what you do....clicked over from Jane's blog to see your fabulous Coral Cottage and now this! How exciting-


    1. Thanks Carolyn--I really appreciate your reading my blog! I'm working to catch everyone up on this next cottage so you can see what I am seeing! It's gonna be special!