Thursday, November 21, 2013

"Sign" Me Up For Some Beach Therapy!

Leonard Miller has been at it again!  Remember me telling you about the local Savannah artist who is known at Tybee for his wonderful name signs for the cottages?  
Source: Jane Coslick
Well he has been busy at Doc Holiday Cottage! 
 When most people hear the name of the cottage they think of the movie by that name or the Wild West character.  But actually  I named the cottage in honor of my hard-working husband with a wink towards his profession--he is a doctor that needs a holiday:) 

When it was time to plan the name sign, it seemed most appropriate to carry out that same theme.  I googled all the cliches having to do with healthcare and made a list of favorites.  Then Jane Coslick, my go-to designer when it comes to beach cottages, and I met to brainstorm.
She suggested the sign resemble a prescription pad.  Love!
So I drew a rough draft...

And here we have it!

Source: Jane Coslick

Leonard has worked his magic again...

Source: Patricia McCoury
 I guess you could say we've hung out our shingle!

We're open for business!  "Sign" me up!
By the way,  if you need some beach therapy our little cottage is for rent.  Here's a link to our reservations!


  1. love love love it!!! and good job on such a great name because of the meaning behind it!
    thought this one was gonna be your personal get away..not a rental??

    1. It is our personal getaway but we will also rent it when the doctor is "on call" back at our primary residence :) We have blocked some time for ourselves this upcoming year and in the future, when Henry retires, maybe we will stop renting it but for now--it will help to pay for itself.