Thursday, November 8, 2012

Someone Who's Artsy Smartsy

I promised you a peek at the Coral Cottage with the shutters hung.  Here is one with just the pair on the left hung.  It was such a sunny, warm day that the picture looks a little faded--sorry but it was lovely to enjoy a day in the 80's at the end of October!

I'm saving the other pictures until after I introduce you to the handiwork of Leonard Miller, an artist who is renowned at Tybee Island for making beautiful signs for many of the cottages.  Here are a few examples from other cottages with thanks to Jane Coslick for allowing me to use her images:

You can see more of Jane's projects here and here.

 I first became acquainted with Leonard's art when I saw it painted on the dining room wall at a different cottage.  Here is that painting of the Tybee lighthouse:

Recently Leonard paid a call on The Coral Cottage to create a sign for her.  It turned out so well!  We've hung it on the front of the cottage and it looks great!   I'll show it to you soon!


  1. The cutenest!! Oh my goodness. Love what you did with that step wall on the side. Can't wait to see the sign. Wish I had a Leonard in my neck of the beach.

    1. Thanks Janet! I can't wait to show it to you.