Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Like A Magazine!

I'm having a "catch-up" week at home after our busy week at Tybee last week.  I have lots to tell you about Doc Holiday's progress but before I do that I'd like to share a little about the 
HGTV Magazine photo shoot at the Coral Cottage.
I already introduced you to Elizabeth Beeler, our stylist, in the last post.  When we finished remodeling and decorating Coral Cottage, Jane Coslick (designer) sent photographs to Elizabeth.....Elizabeth sent them to HGTV to see if they might be interested in featuring our cottage and they were---sooo that is how it came about.
Elizabeth came early to prepare the cottage for the shoot.  She brought in lots of beautiful things (Jane helped provide some of these pretties) and made the Coral Cottage picture perfect!  Then a couple days later when things were ready these talented people flew into town ....
Pictured above from left to right:  Vicky (me), Elizabeth Beeler (Prop Stylist), Jennifer Berno (Home Editor for HGTV Magazine), Kim Cornelison (photographer), Alfie Ferreyra (Kim's husband and business partner who also edits photos), and 
Paul Kirkeby (Photographer  Assistant) 

They all worked hard from morning to evening for two days getting some fabulous photos!  I stayed out of the way except when asked to show up to be in a few pictures.  The last afternoon our daughter Kristen, her husband James, and their little girls joined me and Henry for some pictures in the backyard.
The camera was linked up to a computer so that Alfie could see everything that the camera 
lens was seeing.  Ella watched as the scene was being set... 

The afternoon was very bright and sunshiny.  It was interesting to watch as the photographer managed the light with a board that was held up to keep the light from shining directly into her camera lens (or at least that is what it looked like).  
The little models enjoyed some rest and snacks after they finished posing.
Charlotte was hungry after playing in the pool.
Ella gave GG a smile.
 I got permission to share pictures of the process of the photo shoot but the actual photos of the house in all its glory have to "stay in the vault" until the June issue of 
HGTV Magazine comes out next year.  The ones I've seen look just like a magazine :)  and  I, for one, can't wait for June!

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