Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Moving Experience

I can remember packing for trips with small children years ago--I felt like I was taking the house with me.  This week I literally did take the house with me!  My husband and I moved a little beach house in need of TLC to a new location on our lot at Tybee Island.  It was quite a spectacle complete with police escort and lots of curious onlookers.

 A few days before the move, Braswell Brothers House Movers Inc. came to the site to unhook the utilities from the building and remove the chimney bricks.

Introducing Ned and Hugh Braswell...

Steel beams were placed under the buildings (our house has two parts) to support them.

On moving day the little house went first to the lot which the crew had prepared.

Next came the main house which, being deep, was quite tricky to get safely turned 
and lined up.

We cheered as they straightened it and headed down the street!

It was backed onto the lot...

...and finessed into place next to the little house.

This is Anthony Sapone from Catskill Builders who will be our general contractor.  It will be fun to watch the progress!



  1. Wow!! It is unreal that you can move a house let alone on a narrow road!

    1. I wish you could have been there to see it for yourself--it was amazing!

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