Monday, October 22, 2012

Adding Some Pzazz

Last week I introduced you to The Coral Cottage and told you how we found it and how we named it.  Our first task in the restoration project was to empty the cottageWe were able to save much of the furniture and give it a facelift.  Henry and our brother-in-law Gary loaded our truck and we brought it home where my friend Loretta and I worked on sanding and painting.

Here is my favorite piece, a sweet little dresser we found in one of the bedrooms:

I looked at several DIY tips on Pinterest and decided that first we would fill a few gouges with wood putty and then sand the entire piece with a medium grit sandpaper followed by cleaning off the dust with a tack cloth.

Next the entire piece was primed with Zinsser Cover Stain primer--the one with the gold label.  After it dried, we sanded again with a medium grit sandpaper to eliminate brushstrokes.  We followed with another coat of primer, drying, and sanding with a finer grit sandpaper.  The objective was for the surface to feel very smooth to the touch--no ridges.

Here's the dresser after priming...

Then came the fun!  Loretta, using a really good brush, painted the piece with Sherwin Williams Duration interior acrylic semi-gloss paint--two coats of SW 6119 Antique White.  She allowed the first coat to dry for several hours before applying the next coat.

The next day I marked off a chevron pattern with painter's tape that is for delicate jobs.  Then I painted the chevron stripes with Sherwin Williams SW 6485 Raindrop.  

I found the perfect knobs half price at Hobby Lobby--they're always half price there!  I couldn't decide between the crystal knobs and the blue ones--so I used both!  Blue on the top two drawers and crystal on the chevron drawers so they wouldn't distract from the painted pattern.

Here's the finished dresser!

Updated February 2013
(I have not been compensated for using any of the products mentioned--I am just sharing my project.) 

Have you refinished or painted any furniture lately?  Have any tips to share?


  1. Thanks Polly! I feel so honored to have a writer reading my blog!

  2. I love the little dresser! It turned out just adorable. I used Raindrop in part of my living room and it is so beachy.

    1. Thanks Janet! I love Raindrop--it is a great color for the beach!

  3. Great project--love the chevron and the color. Thanks for linking up :)