Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Feeling Blue-sy--Choosing Paint for the Coral Cottage

It is nearing time to install kitchen cabinets in the Coral Cottage kitchen.  Up until this time I have been planning to paint all of the walls white so the small rooms would feel larger.  But at the last minute I have had second thoughts.

We have ordered white kitchen cabinets and much of the decor features white furniture.  So I decided we would need a little color on the walls--nothing super dark--just a little soft color.  Jane Coslick, my design consultant, is particularly gifted in choosing paint colors so we met at the house and chose a beautiful watery blue that is in the same family as some of the other elements already selected to use in the house.

We chose a Sherwin Williams color called Buoyant Blue. Its number is SW 6483 and you can view it on the Sherwin Williams website here.   Here is a color swatch for your viewing pleasure:

It is just a wisp of color but I think it will add something as a backdrop for the white--especially the coral chandelier that gave the house its name--you can read about it here.

Choosing paint is always the thing that freaks me out--it can look so different on the walls than in the tiny swatch. I felt much braver and confident with Jane's help.  What about you?  How do you feel about selecting paint colors?  Please leave your comments and helpful tips...


  1. Thanks--can't wait to let you see it!

  2. Replies
    1. Oh Denise--you are so right! It turned out to be a good choice. Hope you can look at some of the later posts to see:)

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