Friday, December 14, 2012

Jing-a-ling on Over for a Great Idea!

It's a wonderful time of year full of beautiful decorations, parties, Christmas trees and yes, presents!  It's hard to keep secrets even from adults--especially when you have the perfect present for someone special...and it's especially hard for the littlest family members to resist the impulse to have a peek just a little early!

Here are two such little folk, two of my granddaughters:

Charlotte, 5 mo old and Ella, 2

Just like all self-respecting kids, they are curious and excited.  Even Charlotte who cannot crawl yet has been found inching her way toward the tree with a little hand reaching toward the colorful boxes!

Kristen, their mom, came up with a great solution--she had some extra jingle bells left over from another project and she tied them on the gifts! Simple but ingenious!

Now when Ella takes a notion to rearrange the presents or little Charlotte wriggles her way off the tummy-time mat, a jingle bell rings to notify the powers that be.  Then a gentle reminder helps to preserve the surprises until the right time--after all, half the fun is in the anticipation!

Did you ever open your presents early or hunt around the house for hidden Christmas treasure before Christmas?  If so, how did it affect Christmas morning under the 
tree for you?

I'm sharing this idea over at the link party at  Home Stories A to Z!  Have a look at all the other great projects being featured!

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  1. Lol--I guess she knows the tricks of the trade and how to counter them--no sneaking and peeking at her house!