Friday, December 21, 2012

Fine Dining Finale!

The Coral Cottage had a nice long table that was made out of a door with legs attached.  It was long and skinny and a perfect fit for the narrow room but unfortunately 
it was damaged.

No problem.  I thought I had it worked out.  I remembered seeing a long, narrow white table at IKEA.  But IKEA discontinued it just before I needed it and there were none in stock in any of the stores.  Boo hoo!  

So I searched and this is what I found from Overstock:

Not as long as I'd wanted but it was narrow--a necessity in this narrow space.

The blue chairs came in a outdoor bistro set--three sets actually.  I drove around to several Target stores to round them up in an end-of-season clearance sale.

My sister Crystal is an online retailer and she sent me some beautiful cork placemats from her store, Crystal Griffin Home.  They are made by Rockflowerpaper and not only are they beautiful, but they are practical since they protect the table from hot dishes.  

Here's a closeup:

 And here they are on the table--you can see the curtains hung (they needed hemming in this photo) in the background.

A bowl of shells as a centerpiece makes it complete.

Want to come over for dinner?


  1. So pretty, hope you enjoy that room for many years!

  2. Wish we could--it makes me smile everytime I step inside.

  3. Love the transformed dinning!! Great job Vicky!! Can't believe the change!

    1. Glad you like it--it is amazing what paint and flooring can do!

  4. Love it! Sad loss on the ceiling..we win some, we lose some.

    1. Yes--I really was sad to have to give it up :(