Monday, December 3, 2012

Move-In Day!

After shopping, loading, and a road trip, I arrived at the Coral Cottage with the U-Haul truck.  Everything went smoothly except for one little mishap which we will just overlook.  Yaaay---finally time to move in!  I had a good helper named Stephen to unload the truck and to assemble the IKEA furniture.  My son-in-law, James, also came to help Stephen unload the sofas and other extra-heavy items.

Meet Stephen.  James got away before I could take his picture.

Before long, the full truck was empty and the empty house was full!  Full of 
bags of curtains...

Source:  Jane Coslick

Lots of furniture...

...and tons of pillows!

Source:  Jane Coslick

It was fun unwrapping paintings and other accessories that I haven't seen in a while!

Source:  Jane Coslick

There is a whole lot of work ahead figuring out where to put things...can't wait to show you!   We'll take it one room at a time...please check back in often or subscribe to this blog and have the posts sent to your email or reader.  See you soon!


  1. It looks like you have been very buzy! I love going to Ikea. That painting is beautiful. The water looks like it is in motion. So soothing. I can't wait to see what is in the rest of those bags! It is like Christmas when opening packages of stuff you haven't seen in a while!

    1. It is fun to see all the pretties I've been collecting! Glad you like the painting--I found it on eBay!

  2. The sunroom is turning out so pretty! Can't wait to finish it up and show you!