Monday, January 6, 2014

From Dive to Dining Room!

How do you get this...

...when you start out with this?

Let me show you how it was done.  

The dining room at Coast Awhile Cottage was reasonably large and well-positioned next to the kitchen.  It had a mural painted on one wall.

And the rest of the walls were dark wood paneling.

The look I was going for in this cottage was light, bright, and relaxed-upscale.  Does this say light and bright to you?

No?  It didn't to me either.  More like black hole.  These dark walls would seem cozy in a log cabin in the mountains but they didn't read "beach-y" to me.  
We needed to paint the walls white so the light would bounce around the room and brighten it up.  My husband objected but my design consultant, Jane Coslick,  backed me up and Henry decided to trust us.

 It was quite an undertaking.  The walls were sanded, primed and painted (2 or 3 coats).  Jane suggested we use a Martha Stewart Living color #8002 called "Glass of Milk" in a semi-gloss and it is amazing what a change it made!
Better already!  It feels clean, bright and ready for some beautiful, beach-y touches!  I'll show you how we furnished the room next time!

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