Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Cute!

Today a very special little girl is turning T-W-O !!!

 Our granddaughter Josey, or as she sometimes refers to herself, "the Jo" is officially two today and Saturday family and friends gathered to celebrate at a "Milk and Cookies" party.

Josey's mom, Meghan, baked cookies all week and then invited guests to decorate their own favors.  She put a few double doozie examples out for inspiration.

This was a big hit with children and adults alike!


Josey was particularly excited about her birthday cake--a cookie cake, of course--served with cookies and cream ice cream.  Yum!

 When it was time to light the candles and sing the birthday song she was thrilled!  It was her first time to blow out the candles...

It took a couple tries but Jo blew out her candles while her mom (expecting another baby girl) held her.
 It was a perfect party for a sweet two year old!

Jo with Daddy Tom

 Happy Birthday JoJo!  We love the fun you bring whenever you're around...

You make us smile.  You make everyone smile:)

 Love you!

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