Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Nitty Gritty!

With all of the cold weather we're having this week here in Georgia, it is wonderful to dream a bit about a warm beach week.  Let's keep daydreaming about a trip to Coast Awhile Cottage, a cottage at Tybee that we restored and re-decorated last year with lots of help from designer Jane Coslick.  
Last time I posted about the kids' bunk room.  But what about the adult bedrooms?  Let me show them to you and then you can pick out "your" room.
We'll start downstairs with one of the master bedrooms.  It has an adjoining bathroom.  Definitely a great space especially if there is somebody in your party who can't do stairs.
This is what it looked like "before".

 There is an exterior door that leads out to the driveway--must have been a living room once.

A scary walk-in closet. with wiring and unfortunate venting that was allowing moisture to condense inside.  
Just to the right of the closet, a half-bath...Our plan was to add a shower.  There were also cabinets to the right of the bathroom--looked sort of like kitchen cabinets.  To keep or not to keep?
There were no air-conditioning vents in the room--can you imagine summer in the deep South with no AC?  I can't either.  Don't want to.  So that was remedied along with the numerous other wiring problems behind the walls.  Why is it the most expensive fixes are the ones you never notice if you did them correctly?
Once this was finished, beadboard was put on the walls and the ceiling. 
Then came paint.
Another view before paint
After paint
Here's the closet.  We took away part of it to put a shower into the bathroom.

Once the walls were ready the hardwood floors were polished up and it was time for furniture! 
That's the nitty gritty of remodeling!  Next time I will show you how it turned out.

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