Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Happy Accident!

One thing I've learned about decorating:  No matter how much measuring and planning and dreaming you do, sometimes things don't work out the way you expect them to--you may have to change things up---and it's okay!  Just keep working til it's right.

That's just what happened with this little cupboard...

The cupboard comes in two parts but my original plan was to use them together with the TV and equipment in the top and DVDs, etc. in the bottom.  Once it was in the space--it didn't look quite right so they were separated.  I moved the lower half to another location and designer Jane Coslick suggested adding legs to the upper half. 

 So I made a trip to Lowes for the furniture legs and after a quick paint job...voila!

Much better now!

Split personality! 
Have you ever had any happy accidents in decorating?  


  1. Perfecto~~!! I think I like it better in two.....too!
    and about a close up shot of that mirror?? Looks pretty cool!

    1. Thanks! I'll be sure to include a close up of the mirror in an upcoming post.

  2. Love them, Vicky!
    I saw this today and thought of you, maybe something you'd like to try?
    Knobs made out of shells:

    1. Wow Julie--I've seen these knobs for sale but I never knew how to make them! Thanks for sharing the link! I saved it on my Pinterest page. You've got me thinking...

    2. You're welcome. I read all your posts and every time it makes me want to re-visit Tybee!

    3. You should come! I just looked up the weather and it's 81 degrees and sunny right now! October is one of the best times at Tybee!