Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Doc Holiday Dining Room--Done!

 Once the dining room space  at Doc Holiday was defined, it was time to decide where the dining room table would be placed so we could get the chandelier wiring in the right place to be centered over the table.  I needed to allow a minimum of 36 inches from the table to the wall so that chairs could be pulled out and diners seated comfortably.
After lots of measuring and pondering I decided to go with a round table and I started looking for one that could be expanded.  I wanted it to be larger than 48 and smaller than 60 inches in diameter--a size which turned out to be difficult to find.  After several trips to flea markets failed to turn up the right thing, I resigned myself to splurging on a new table.  For something as vital as a dining table that we would use constantly, it seemed like a necessity to make sure we 
had the right one.
When looking for something with specific measurements or features, I like to shop online.  It's so much easier to zero in on items that meet your needs and once you've selected something you can easily comparison shop for the best price with a few clicks of your mouse.  That's how I settled on this 54-72 inch Paula Deen dining room table...
 I like that it is a pedestal table because it will be easier for chairs to go around--no legs in the way!  The color is called "linen".  As much as I love a stained wood color we went with white because it would help the large piece of furniture to blend in with the walls and not take up so much space visually.
I saw it offered by several online stores and it even was sold by one of my favorite flash sale websites, Joss and Main.  But I found out that a store in Savannah named Whelan's carried this line of furniture and they were willing to offer me an incredibly good price and free in-home delivery without a wait! Sold!

Next I needed chairs--blue ones preferably.  These were some of the candidates under consideration...
The one from Pier One (bottom left) was the winner!  I bought six chairs and outdoor cushions to make them more comfortable.

I'm super-happy with the bar that divides the kitchen and dining room.  It was made from wood reclaimed from the renovation of the house.  It has some of the rustic imperfections that make it perfectly imperfect!  I love it!

The bar stools were one of my first purchases.  These well-priced, heavy duty, gorgeous yellow ones spoke to me (really!) when I saw them at Overstock.com...they are now also 
sold by Target.

 One thing I love about the dining room is the lighting above the bar.  When we were planning lighting for the house, designer Jane Coslick suggested we put a couple of these outdoor lights in.  They add such personality as well as light!

 And let me not forget to show you the mirror that my husband Henry painted.  It was found for next-to-nothing at a flea market and now that it is painted with Sherwin Williams Coral Reef paint (SW 6606) it really pops!

I'm still on the hunt for a secondhand buffet/console/sideboard to go beneath the mirror.  It's easy to find good or inexpensive ones but I need one that is good and inexpensive--not easy.  Woe is me--I guess I'll be "forced" to keep shopping until I find just the right thing:)

I had planned to use it in one of the bathrooms but it was too tall sooo...we made adjustments and I think it looks great!  

So this is the dining room!  Do you like it?

The table is shown here with the expansion leaf in.  It can easily seat 6 and possibly 8!
Are you free for dinner?




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