Thursday, October 24, 2013

Get It Together!

I had fun in this post and this one showing you some of the pretties that I found for the living room at Doc Holiday cottage.  Now it's time to get it together and show you how they 
look in the room!

I've already changed some things around since this photo was taken in July.  The rustic wood coffee table now resides on the front porch.  And see the burlap pillow on the sofa that has 
the phrase "Happy All Around" stenciled on it?  It has been re-located to one of 
the master bedrooms. 

Yes, despite the voting results I used Look #5 because back in the summer at move-in time my budget needed all the help it could get and I already owned the pillow.  But that is the beauty of this little cottage--the color scheme is carried throughout so the furniture and most of the accessories can move around and find a new life in any of the other rooms.

There is an undercurrent of watery blue throughout the entire house and punches of other colors like yellow, lime green and coral are used in varying degrees so that the rooms each have their own personality!  

This beautiful painting by Bellamy Murphy was my inspiration piece:

 I love the pops of yellow in the painting, the lamp and the pillows.  And if you 
turn in the other direction...

Don't you love the way the yellow bar stools play with the starfish pillows?  It's important to keep your line of sight in mind when you have rooms with an open concept like in this 
living room/dining room combo.

There are also a few touches of coral sprinkled about in the front door, the pillows on the sofa...

...the painting and the mirror (a thrift store find that we painted)....just enough to be interesting and carry your eye through the space.

On the opposite wall from the sofa are the DIY painted pieces posted about here and here

 I still have some final touches to do before everything is complete but overall I'm happy--and
 I think my room is happy too!

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