Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It All Comes Together!

After months of remodeling, waiting, planning, waiting, shopping, waiting, painting furniture, and waiting--at long last it is time to put this bedroom together!  I have a very small space to work with in the front bedroom at the Coral Cottage and I had to be selective about what furnishings to use.

So far I have saved and restored this dresser.  Click this link to see the BEFORE

I also have this beautiful work of art--a gift from Jane Coslick.

Now it is time for beds!  It is amazing how much the mattress stores will negotiate price with you especially if you are buying several.  I think I will comparison shop from now on when it is time to buy mattresses.  The company I used for the Coral Cottage was called Sit and Sleep.

They brought the last pieces of the puzzle--- twin beds with bed frames.

Once the deliverymen left, Jane and I wasted no time playing with all the pretties to see what would work.  I'll show you next time!

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