Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Living Large!

For a small home, the Coral Cottage lives large.  It has lots of windows and it boasts two living spaces--one is the living room and the other is a section of the sun porch that has room for a sofa, chairs and a TV.  Here it was BEFORE:

Not very inviting.  The house had been unoccupied for a while and this area was being used to store outdoor stuff.  We had Horton Remodeling to reinforce the area where the porch roof connected to the rest of the houseRe-wiring, sheetrock, paint, flooring and trim followed this is what it looked like when we were finished:

View after rewiring, sheetrock, and primer coat of paint
With paint, trim and flooring
Ready for furniture!  I'll show you next time.


  1. I thought the door was original to the home..It fits so perfect..

    1. The original door did not have a window. Glad you like the replacement!