Friday, February 1, 2013

DIY: How to Make a Tissue Paper Pom-pom

Last weekend Henry and I had the fun of hosting our grand-daughter Josey's first birthday party.  When I say host, I mean we provided the home and helped put up some of the decorations. Our daughter Meghan made all the decorations and she and Tom, her husband, provided all the goodies for the guests (this year just family).  

Papa Doc is willing to do whatever it takes for his little Josey.
Meghan chose "You Are My Sunshine" for her theme and she made lots of yellow tissue pom-poms, banners, and garlands.

So many pretty things!
I thought it would be interesting to show you how to make a tissue paper pom-pom.  They are amazingly easy to make and inexpensive if you do it yourself.  Here goes:

Make a stack of 8 to 10 sheets of tissue paper--any color or colors you want.  If you are making a larger pom-pom you will probably need more sheets of paper.
Begin folding the all the sheets paper fan style.
When you are finished it will look like this.
Fold in half and take a piece of thin wire...
Wrap the wire snugly around the center of the paper and secure by twisting.

If you wish to hang the pompom then thread fishing line the desired length through the wire.
 Attach it to the wire by tying a few good knots to hold it to the pompom.
Squeeze the wire nice and flat so it holds the tissue folds securely.
Cut the ends of the papers into a pointed or a rounded shape.
Shape both ends of the paper fan.
Spread the fan folds open like this.
One at a time, begin separating each piece of tissue paper into "petals".
Keep working to fluff each piece of paper.
It's easier to make the pompom symmetrical if you work on both sides of the fan--go back and forth and work on both sides instead of finishing all of one side before turning to the other side.
When you have finished separating each individual piece of paper, then fluff them and arrange them until you are satisfied with the result.  Then you're ready to hang it up and start the party!
I will show you the party pictures with all these beautiful decorations Monday.  Then we will get back to the beach!  If you missed the most recent post on the Coral Cottage sun porch then click here to catch up.  Have a good weekend!


  1. How clever! My sister's 72 birthday is coming up and now I know how to decorate a fun giftbag for her.

    1. That's a big birthday deserving a big celebration--have fun planning!

  2. I thought you looked pretty in that one! You should have seen the one I didn't use:) Btw, thanks for demonstrating this!

  3. Yep--that's the one:) All the others were nice!