Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not Too Bad For A Day's Work

Moving Day--fun, exciting, exhausting!  But it is fun to pull out all of the goodies that I've collected from Craig's List, eBay, flea markets, online stores, and Ikea and see them in the house.
Here are some possibilities for the sun porch--some made the cut and others were used elsewhere.
Once the Ikea sofa was set up, my sister-in-law Eleanor and I put on the slipcover.

At the end of the day, this is how things looked.  It would change--for example the blue-striped table was moved to the twin bedroom.
Not too bad for a day's work.  There have been many more days of work on this space and next time I will show you how we finished it up!


  1. Plz tell me I can purchase that turquoise wicker chair somewhere????? Love that! Can you at least tell me paint color if you did it yourself? Your cottage is just toooo cute. I'm re-painting my lakehouse and getting so many ideas from you! Good thing we live several states away...heheh!

    1. I bought it from It is considered outdoor furniture. I put the word rattan in the search engine because it is hard to find on the website. It also comes in natural and a coral/orangey red color. Good luck--I hope they still have it!