Wednesday, February 20, 2013

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Coral Cottage interior is beautiful and ready for guests but  the yard is in desperate need of some love--and expert attention.  Cue the landscape architect:
None other than my baby brother, Bill Griffin!

Of course, he's not a baby anymore--I hope Bill will forgive this blast from the past.  Can you tell from these that he had three adoring sisters?  You can't hold me responsible--he was totally irresistible!

As you can see, I am a good bit older than Bill (12 years) so I missed living at home during many of his growing up years since I went to college about the time he started first grade!  He grew up in Savannah, graduated from Calvary Baptist Day School (where I can't help adding that he was a standout athlete in football, basketball and golf).

He went to the University of Georgia and graduated from the School of Landscape Architecture Then he decided to return to Savannah where he started his business,
Griffin Landscape Design and Contracting....

...Which brings us to now.  Recently I asked Bill to come out to the Coral Cottage to measure and make some plans for the yard.  He was happy to oblige. 
Source:  Kristen Sagar
I know what you're thinking--that as a sister I'm a freebie but that is not so--I am a client and gladly so.  If you're going to spend lots of money installing a yard, why not spend a bit more and get it right?  I did ask Bill to hold the cost down as much as possible and he gave me an excellent plan and installation for a good price.

Here's the preliminary plan that Bill worked on that day.

Source:  Kristen Sagar

It's amazing what a difference a beautiful setting can make for a home!  Can't wait to show you the process from start to finish!


  1. And those fabulous pictures of the Coral Cottage landscaping in progress are courtesy of....???

    1. Ahhh yes--thank you Kristen for the pictures!