Monday, August 19, 2013

Demo Done ~ Building Begins!

It was fun last week to share finished projects like Jane Coslick's Cottage on the Green and our HGTV photo shoot at Coral Cottage!  Click the links and have a look if you didn't have a chance yetThis week I want to resume my posts on the "little house" part of Doc Holiday.

Everyone walking past the little house (attached to the main house) loved it and wanted to know what it was going to be.  We saved the little house and and turned it all into a master bedroom and bathroom.  In a previous post I showed just what a big job it turned out to be.  But finally the structure was made secure and it was time for insulation....

....Lots of insulation to keep the beach breezes from blowing through.   The walls were insulated from the outside and the floors were insulated as well from under the house.

See the little boxed area above the window and door?  The builder suggested we use the space above the porch for a little storage nook.  There isn't much storage space but it will add some architectural interest to the room.

The next post will be about the walls and trim--and what a difference it makes!  Can't
wait to show you!

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