Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Little House Bedroom is a Little Jewel!

A little jewel--that's what this bedroom is going to be.  The floor space is fairly small and with its king size bed, it is almost all bed--but it is still very pleasing to meOur "little house" bedroom is still a work in progress but let me show you what is done so far....

The comforter and two blue euro shams are from Echo's Sardinia collectionI wasn't crazy about the two regular pillow shams that came with the set but I think I will order one more blue euro sham.  I think maybe it would be good to find some decorative pillows that pick up some of the lime green in the spread to make the look more interesting....right now I am pondering.

As you can see I don't have a photo of the window with curtains.  The curtains are there now--Merete curtains in bleached white from Ikea but they needed hemming and were hung after I left Tybee.  I'll have to photograph them later.
I'm still looking at a way to improve storage for the room's guests and I'd like to change out a few pillows but it's almost there...a little jewel!


  1. omg!!! been dying for the finished product..and you haven't failed me!! IT'S PERFECTO!! Amazing all you've done with this house....I need to come to Tybee just to see it in person!
    Love the comforter and colors you've chosen.

  2. Why, yes, I think you do need to come to Tybee:) Btw, I just read some of the entries to your blogs--such fun! Loved reading about your adventures!