Friday, August 30, 2013

Are You Ready For Some Football?

The T-man, Tyler Man, Teebs, Teebles...all those endearing little names we've had for Tyler these past ten years are quickly becoming outgrown:(
Now it's #33 Patton...

 Yes, the times, they are a'changing...Last weekend Henry and I went to see  our 
grandson Tyler's first football game.
 It was a fun family day watching Tyler and his team. 
 I couldn't help wondering if this was just the beginning of bigger things for Tyler just like it was for my boy, his dad, who grew up and eventually played football for his 
high school and college
Who knows?  Right now it's enough to enjoy these beautiful Saturdays, look forward to the upcoming season and cheer for #33.  
Are you ready for some football?

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