Friday, August 23, 2013

Oooo La La!

True Confessions...I am an eBay-a-holic.  I've found some great things for great prices using eBay and I love being able to shop in the convenience of my own home.

I began looking on eBay for a chandelier to use in the dining room at Doc Holiday.  I really love the vintage tole chandeliers that look like bamboo but are made of metal and there is usually a nice selection to choose from online.  My criteria was it had to be pretty and it had to be in working condition and it had to be inexpensive.

I finally found one I liked, bought it, and had it shipped. But it was damaged in the shipping.

Two of the arms were broken--Booo!  I was so disappointed but I didn't want to send it back because it was so well-priced.  So instead I found a handy friend, Drew McRay, who repaired it.

I was excited to try it out at Doc Holiday but booo again!  It seemed just a tad too small for the dining room but it was just right for the bedroom in the "little house".  So I asked Patricia from Tybee Girl Helpers to spray paint it and voila!

Doesn't this just beckon you to come closer?

It's amazing what a can or two of spray paint can do!  This one is Rustoleum Ultra Cover X 2 Glossy paint in Key Lime.

Ooo La La!  I just love it!

 Spray paint is awesome!  Have you ever spray painted something that transformed it's appearance?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments--share pictures or links if you'd like!

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