Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

What is a blog for if you can't write about something personal?  If you are wanting to read more about my cottage I'm preparing a new post with lots of good pictures of The Coral Cottage for Tuesday.   Or you can check out the archives to see if you've missed a post.

Today I'd like to share one of the best birthday parties I ever had and it was given by my children recently at the home of my youngest daughter, Meghan, and her husband Tom, shown here with their 9 month old daughter, Josey:

It's been a hectic year and I haven't seen my children and their families as much as usual so we decided to just do a family party--all of my kids but one (Jordan and his wife live out of state) and all of my grandkids came.  Here are a few members of the cast of characters:

Our oldest child, Jonathan, with his four kids and holding his niece Charlotte, 3 months old

Our daughters holding each other's babies...Kristen (on left holding Josey) and Meghan (right, holding Charlotte) with me in the middle

My husband Henry and I with our grandkids (L to R Madeline, Anna Kate, Charlotte, me,Josey, Henry, Ella, Tyler, and Violet)

Meghan decorated and set the table beautifully (more on that later) and everybody had a wonderful, noisy, happy to be together family time.  Everybody loved on everybody's kids and we did the usual birthday things:

Lunch--finally a photo that includes my wonderful daughter-in-law Lisa and my excellent son-in-law James

The kids table set with toys and crayons to draw on the tablecloth!

Gifts selected with love

Gifts made with love--Paintings done by the children for me to use at our beach cottage!

And of course, the birthday cake--this one was caramel--birthday girl's choice!

It was perfect. absolutely. perfect. 

Mucho thanks to Meghan who provided many of these pictures--she blogs at Loquacious Lady and I'm sure she would love for you to stop by. Do you recall a special birthday?  Tell us about it!


  1. Happy Birthday, I just love the grandchildren's paintings! My special birthday was my 50th where my husband took me to the "Donny and Marie" show in Vegas and we met him backstage! I blogged about it

    1. Julie, I loved your blog post. Donny Osmond is so talented, isn't he? I remember watching the Donny and Marie TV show way back when--I guess they were teenagers at the time! Glad your husband did something so creative that he knew you would enjoy for your 50th birthday!

  2. I'm so glad you liked the party, mama! I don't think I actually took any of those pictures, though. Pretty sure they were all Dad! =) But I will be doing my own post on your party soon enough with details about the decor and cake! mmm. =)

  3. Happy Birthday Very, Very, Vicky! Those grandbabies are just squeezeable! Looks like you had a fantastic day.

    1. They are squeezable indeed! It was a glorious day! Thanks for your comment Janet!

  4. Yay for birthday parties and grandbebe's!!! Happy Happy belated birthday!!
    as the mom of 3 boys who really don't give a hoot about birthdays, it was the treat of my life when my daughter in laws threw me a surprise party a few yrs ago! my first ever!! girls just know...
    I just made a blog post last night about our newest surprise...our 4th grand coming in july!!
    aren't they just the bomb??!!!

    1. exciting to be expecting a new grandchild! They are the cherry on top of life! Congratulations!