Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey About Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us.  Many of you are already cooking and planning how you will set a beautiful table for friends and family.  And many of you are wondering just what you are going to do this year and  are still looking for ideas.

Let me offer some inspiration...Even if you're all ready for this year's Thanksgiving everyone enjoys looking at something beautifulI'm always saving ideas on Pinterest.  (Not on Pinterest yet?  Well that's another post for another day.So here we go...

My daughter, Meghan (who blogs at Loquacious Lady), with help from Lisa, my daughter-in-law set a very beautiful table in honor of my birthday.

Just look at a close up of the placesetting:

Don't you like the old-fashioned mason jars decorated with twine?  How about the mini pumpkins she used as place cards?  The paper plates almost fooled me into thinking they were china--they've really improved disposable plates these days.  The table runner was burlap.  The color scheme and rough textures of the burlap and twine mixed in with the candles and other elements made the table have a very warm, welcoming vibe.

The kids' table was not left out of the fun.  She used paper to cover the table and provided crayons for the children to decorate their tablecloth.  There were also toys on the table.  Check out the kids' glasses--mason jars with lids in which she punched a hole and inserted a straw...brilliant solution to contain any spills that might occur!  The kids loved their table and they stayed entertained throughout the meal allowing their parents to enjoy the adult table!

Last but not least, skirted in burlap,  the dessert table...

 Feeling inspired?  I hope so. And I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Your place always looks so warm and inviting & I think your kids have inherited your gift! Meghan has outstanding taste and it seems to come together naturally... hostess & decorating!

    1. Thanks Becky! It was fun seeing what the girls planned.