Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heavy Lifting!

The Big Day is here!  Time to load up the truck and head for the Coral Cottage!  We've been planning for and looking forward to this day for many months.  We completed our last-minute shopping (click here for details) and my moving company sent their very best worker...

Not only is he big and strong but he is pretty handsome too (but I digress)...

Actually we are using the Do-It-Yourself moving company.  The price is right and they do it just like you want it done!  Thanks to my husband Henry's strong back and capable heavy-lifting, we are packed and the driver has just shown up:

Yep--the driver is me.  Join me next time for the road trip!


  1. How exciting... we are in the midst of a snowstorm, so I'd rather be there helping you move!

  2. Wish you were helping me too! Next week I will be getting the house ready for the Jane Coslick Holiday Cottage Tour and I could use your help! Snuggle up and stay warm!

  3. How fun!!! great feeling to have your hard work pay off, eh? Cannot wait to see the "after" pics!!
    How far is it from your house? Long road trip?

  4. It's about 4 hours from home--longer if you're in a U-Haul truck:) It is exciting to see things shape up and I can't wait to share the pictures! Thanks for reading.